Claude Debussy's Pianistic Vision

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Rob Haskins, reviewer for the American Record Guide said of Steinway Artist Anthony Tobin's Debussy CD, Journeys "We were listening to a fabulous CD of his piano music performed by Tony Tobin; it is one of the best Debussy piano CD's I have ever heard." Tobin gave a special concert and film presentation for Debussy's 150th birthday, August 22nd at WMP Concert Hall in New York City, in Zurich on November 18th, at Schloss Wartegg on May 24th, and at Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, on May 30th, 2013. For booking or more information Contact Tobin.

Tobin just returned from Brive-la-Gaillarde France where he performed and all-Debussy program on Debussy's piano June 11th, 2014. It was a very moving experience, the concert can be seen below.

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Part II of my Debussy Film:

May 23rd 2012 feature interview on KMFA Austin's show "Pianoforte"

Sunken Cathedral set to scenes of Le Mt St Michel:

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My Debussy film was very well received during my August 22nd 150th Debussy Birthday performance in NYC andat Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX June 1st as part of the Georgetown Festival of the Arts. Contact me to arrange a screening or inquire about purchase.

This site is an exploration of the inspiration, imagination, and visual influences on Claude Debussy's piano music from 1889-1915. I am particularly interested in how light, nature, and the visual stimulation Debussy experienced in Paris influenced his "vision" and the gestures and colors found in his piano works. Preludes for piano, Pagodes with Tokyo footage, Reflections on the Water, the First Arabesque, Clair de lune, "Chansons de Bilitis" sung by UT Facutly member Rose Taylor", and "La Mer" will illustrate how Debussy changed the course of music.

The film was well-received in The Hague, NL. A version was shown March 21-24 by G Henle Verlag in their booth at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. June 2012 I returned to France and shot footage of Arcachon, St Michel, and St Sebastian in Spain for another version of the film. Cinematographer Nancy Schiesari (PBS film about Hansel Mieth and 20 years with the BBC) re-shot the Peter Bay interview and told me the 45 minutes I have suggest the production values of a film with a $300,000 budget.

Watch an 11 minute sample from the film that incorporates interviews with Debussy scholars James Briscoe, Roy Howat, Marie Rolf, Richard Langham Smith; pianists Stewart Gordon and Daniel Pollack, composer Manfred Bleffert, and material with Austin Symphony Conductor Peter Bay including discussion and demonstration of parts of La Mer.

Quotes from recent screenings:

"I loved the way the photography reflected the music/commentary of the film"

"I loved the imagery in combination with the music!"

"All the footage is amazing!"

"I liked the variety of people interviewed"

"The music was so beautiful and well-played!"